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What is Scholaries?

Please refer to our About Us section.

How do I find summaries?

There are two ways to find summaries. You can either use the (advanced) search from the homepage, or you can go to browse and find both articles and books organised by academic discipline.

How do I upload summaries?

You can upload summaries on the upload page. At the very minimum, we require you to give the title, the author's name, and the academic discipline. Please not that you can only upload *.doc, *.docx, and *.pdf files under 1 MB. It is possible, but not necessary, to register and login to our website through Facebook. This will give you the opportunity to keep track of your uploads and downloads, or to subscribe to other users, for email updates when your fellow students upload new summaries.

Why would I upload summaries?

Of course it is possible to make use of this service by only 'taking' (or downloading summaries). However, we hope and expect from our users, that they will also 'give' (and upload summaries!). This website fails to work if everyone would simply download, therefore we strongly urge people to upload. Most likely, you will end up making a few summaries during your studies, why not upload them? It will only take you a few minutes, make us happy, and make your fellow students happy!

What does a good summary look like?

A good summary helps a student in remembering the important points of an article or book. It helps a reader in studying and understanding the content.

Tips for books: Divide the parts of your summary in the same way the book does (e.g. by chapters). Provide important definitions and explain the models introduced. Skip the examples unless they are crucial for understanding the content.

Tips for articles: Read the article and ask yourself 1) what the issue is which the author(s) are targeting and 2) what their point is. Skip examples unless they are crucial for understanding the main point.

Alternatively, take a look at some of the highest rated summaries on the website here.

Are the summaries copyrighted?

All of the summaries on Scholaries are subject to the Creative Commons License. Basically, you are allowed to share any summaries with your friends and adapt it to your needs. However, commercial use of the summaries (e.g. selling, offering on an advertisement-funded web site) is prohibited.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Does my summary violate copyrights?

In principle, no. According to harmonized European Union laws concerning intellectual property, summaries of copyrighted material such as books or articles do not infringe copyright, given they do not resemble the original piece too much (e.g. copy/pasting paragraphs). Just like when writing essays, offers a full MLA reference (but does not allow plagiarism!). We also offer people a link to buy the book or summary, as we do not suggest these summaries replacing the actual reading, but rather facilitating studying. Summaries that violate our Terms of Service will be removed.

One of the summaries infringes my copyright. How can I have it removed?

Copyright issues is something we take very seriously. Upon uploading a summary, users have to confirm that their summary does not infringe anyone's copyright. However, it is impossible for us to check every single uploaded summary for copyright violations.

If you find that one of the summaries is violating a copyright held by you or an organization represented by you, please do not hesistate to contact us.

Why would I register?

Registration allows you to keep track of your uploads and downloads. Furthermore you can subscribe to fellow students and get email notifications when they upload new summaries (ideal if you are sharing the reading). Lastly, you can get rewarded for your uploads. We currently have the 'Early bird special'. Read the details on the homepage.

Why do I need Facebook to register?

For your ease! We do not receive any more data from Facebook than what's listed in the registration form.

What is a 'Contribution Rank'?

The Contribution Rank is a user rank that we calculate on the basis of someones contribution to the website. It is calculated based on amount of uploads with respect to downloads. Upload a lot, and you will rise to the rank of Prof. dr. Uploader! But only downloading summaries while not giving anything back to the community by uploading, and you will sink to College Dropout!

What does Scholaries do with my information?

We take your privacy very serious. Will never pass your data on to anyone else. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.