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Global Civil Society

Glasius, Marlies, and Mary Kaldor. (2001)

Using human rights in maternal mortality programmes: from analysis to strategy

Freedman, L.P. (2001)

Rethinking Social Protection Using a Gender Lens

Holmes, R., and N. Jones. (2010)

Mainstreaming Gender in Social Protection for the Informal Economy

Kabeer, Naila. (2008)

The Developmental State

Woo-Cumings, Meredith. (1999)

Rethinking Women's Substantive Representation

Celis, Karen, et al. (2008)

The World Social Forum and Global Democratization: Learning from Porto Allegre

Teivainen, T. (2002)

Unravelling Gramsci: Hegemony and Passive Revolution in the Global Political Economy

Morton, A. (2007)

The Privatization of Public Interest: Theorizing NGO Discourse in a Neoliberal Era

Kamat, S. (2004)

The Promises of International Civil Society: Global Governance, Cosmopolitan Democracy and the End of Sovereignty?

Colas, A. (2002)

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