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The item veto and fiscal responsibility

Abney, Glenn, and Thomas P. Lauth. (1997)

Beyond Willie Horton and the Pledge of Allegiance

Abramowitz, Alan I., and Jeffrey A. Segal. (1990)

Ideological Realignment in the U.S. Electorate

Abramowitz, I., and Kyle L. Saunders. (1998)

"Sophisticated" Voting in the 1988 Presidential Primaries

Abramson, Paul R., et al. (1992)

Sociology for the Twenty-First Century. Continuities and Cutting Edges

Abu-Lughod, Janet. (2000)

The Strategic Triad: The United States, Russia and China

Achcar, Gilbert. (1998)

Rethinking Assimilation Theory for a New Era of Immigration

Alba, R. and V. Nee. (1997)

The Iranian Revolution: The Multiple Contexts of the Iranian Revolution

Amineh, M.P. (2007)

The Rise of the Rest: Challenges to the West from Late-Industrializing Countries

Amsden, Alice H. (2001)

The Politics of perception: Use and Abuse of Transparency International’s Approach to Measuring Corruption

Andersson, S., and P. Heywood. (2009)

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