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About Law: An Introduction

Honore, Tony. (2000)

23 Things they don’t tell you about capitalism

Chang, Ha-Joon. (2010)

Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective

Gerschenkron, Alexander. (1962)

The Use of Knowledge in Society

Hayek, F. (1945)

The World Cities Hypothesis

Friedman, John. (2008)

Street-Level Bureaucracy: The Critical Role of Street-Level Bureaucrats

Lipsky, Michael. (1980)

Law in Context

Bottomley, Stephen, and Simon Bronitt. (2006)

Research Methods in Social Relations

Hoyle, Rick H. (2001)

The State as Problem and Solution: Predation, Embedded Autonomy, and Structural Change

Evans, Peter. (1992)

The Life Cycles of Bureaus

Downs, Anthony. (1967)

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