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London, United Kingdom

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"Sophisticated" Voting in the 1988 Presidential Primaries

Abramson, Paul R., et al. (1992)

23 Things they don’t tell you about capitalism

Chang, Ha-Joon. (2010)

A converging or Diverging World?

Sutcliffe, B. (2005)

A Neoclassical Theory of the State

North, Douglas C. (1981)

A Radical History of Development Studies: Individuals, Institutions and Ideologies

Kothari, Uma. (2005)

A Short History of the Middle Ages

Rosenwein, Barbara H. (2001)

About Law: An Introduction

Honore, Tony. (2000)

After the American Lebensraum

Smith, N. (2003)

American Empire

Bacevich, A. (2002)

An Historical Materialist Appraisal of Friedrich List and his Modern-Day Followers

Selwyn, Ben. (2009)

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