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Development in a Globalising World: Changing Paradigms 1980-2005

De Jong. (2006)

A History of the Modern Middle East

Cleveland, and Bunton. (2009)

A longitudinal study of euroscepticism in the Netherlands: 2008 versus 1990

Lubbers, and Jaspers. (2011)

America’s Just-in-Time Highways: I-65 and I-75

Rubenstein, James. (1992)

American spatial development and the New Megalopolis

Carabonell, Armando, and Yaro. (2005)

An Introduction to Human Geography

Bradshaw, Shaw, and Sideway. (2008)

Atkinson and Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology

Nolen-Hoeksema, et al. (2008)

Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Start-ups

Bhide. (1992)

Britain's Regional Shopping Centres: New Urban Forms?

Lowe, Michelle. (2000)

Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?

Collis, and Rukstad. (2008)

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